Día Internacional de la Tierra

21 y 22 de abril de 2018

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Dinosaurios que dejan huella

Del 29 de marzo al 8 de abril de 2018, 11:30 y 16:30 h.

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Visita-taller Paleontólogo por un día

Febrero, marzo y abril de 2018, fines de semana y festivos, 12:30 y 17:30 h.

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Otros espacios

Temporary expositions

The temporary exposition hall is found in the basement floor of the MUJA, having an area of 300 square metres and allowing for different assembly possibilities.
The hall has had the following expositions since the Museum opened:

  • "Asturias, Natural Paradise"
  • "The Great Adventure of Dinosaurs"
  • "European Rupestrian Art"
  • "The Coast of Dinosaurs"
  • "Trapped in Ice"
  • "Jurassic Colossus"
  • "2010 Biodiversity"
  • "CSI: dinosaurs in the MUJA"
  • "Among Molecules"
  • "CSI: dinosaurs in the MUJA - Part 2"
  • "Dinorobots at the MUJA"
  • "The energy that moves us"
  • "Dinosaurs: eggs and infants"
  • "Jurassic Clicks"
  • "Meteorites"
  • "When the Earth trembles: volcanoes and earthquakes"

There is the possibility of hiring this space to hold or organise events of different types, check on rates and availability.



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