Museo Jurásico Asturias
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The Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA) rises 155 metres above sea level in a privileged location along the coast of the Principality, a singular museum which, in the shape of a large tridactyl footprint of a dinosaur, houses one of the most complete and didactic samples worldwide regarding these fascinating reptiles.

With “time” as the connecting thread, the MUJA shows the development of life on Earth from its beginnings up until the arrival of mankind, in particular stressing the Mesozoic or the Age of Dinosaurs and its three periods: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous, referred to in each of the three toes of the footprint forming the building.

In the MUJA, the building is as spectacular as its contents. Architect Rufino Uribelarrea chose a system of prefabricated concrete plates for the external part that leaves a blind façade, except for the entry and exit doors.

The roof is out of old copper which, in time, will gradually acquire a green shade, fully integrating it into the landscape.Inside, a wooden structure from Scandinavian forests forms a lattice of semi-circular arches simulating the ribs of dinosaurs and offering the visitor an almost magical feeling like that of travelling in time. Also, the surroundings of the building multiply the possibilities for enjoyment. Privileged views onto the Asturian coast, a children’s play area, a garden allowing for walks among the replicas of dinosaurs and the MUJA Café, all making the visit to the Museum a unique experience.

This exposition area with a floor size of 2000 square metres travels along a specific moment in the history of the Earth, the Mesozoic, and of its main characters, the dinosaurs.

The trip is structured into a chronological sequence: commencing just before the Mesozoic (pre-Mesozoic), going on to the Mesozoic (Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic) and the later eras up to the present (post-Mesozoic).                                                          


  Cretaceous   Premesozoic
  Jurassic   Introduction to the Asturian Jurassic Room
  Triassic   Asturias Jurassic 
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