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Del 13 al 24 de abril de 2019 (excepto lunes y martes), 11:30, 12:30, 16:30 y 17:30 h.

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Carnaval entre dinosaurios

2 y 3 de marzo de 2019

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Visita-taller Paleontólogo por un día

Fines de semana de febrero (a partir del día 16), marzo y abril de 2019

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Muestras “El pasillo de la ciencia” y “La figura de Mary Anning”

En febrero de 2019, de miércoles a domingo

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La Costa de los Dinosaurios

Merón Beach

Merón beach has two accesses. For the first, from local highway route AS-256 take the turnoff to the town of Careñes.

We leave the car in Careñes and pick up a dirt road that leaves from the town church and heads downhill towards the beach (900 m).

playa-meron-lateral-2For the second access, from local highway route AS-256 take the turnoff to the town of Argüero. Follow the signs to the beach down a narrow but paved road until it turns into a dirt road that goes down to the beach.

Once at the Merón beach, head west along the base of the sea cliffs for about 600 m until you arrive at a sandstone bed of the Lastres formation which is nearly horizontal. A trackway from a quadrupedal dinosaur, formed by 12 consecutive prints of the hindfoot and forefoot, crosses the surface of this bed. A few dispersed tridactyl prints from a bipedal dinosaur also occur in this bed.








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